7 Points Painting is a company where we take quality very seriously, with us you can be sure that your painting job will be done the way it should be, and  we’ll never cut corners, because our reputation is in every single project we complete, we will take time to research which product on the market is the best for the completion of your project, so you can be happy with the results for years to come, our purpose is customers who knows that every dollar they pay, they got back on the quality we offer and knowing that you chose the right contractor, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.


Our company takes pride of our customer service, we always do our best to stay a step ahead of our clients needs. You will always be informed about the progress, and every single detail util the completion of your project, our painters and leaders are trained to meet or exceed your expectations on customer service, that’s why we believe our 7 points will cover what you expect from a contractor, from start to finish, painters and customers, owners and clients, phone calls and e-mails, we got it all cover.


We know that is not easy to find a good painting contractor that will offer the knowledge to help you get that project done, with our experience we will not just do the job for you but we will walk you through out the process, listening to your concerns and give you the best advise, every single painter that we have has years of experience so you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will be complete by people who knows exactly what there are doing,  we are not just painters we are professional painters.


7 Points Painting is a company built also on respect, respect among us and between customers and us, you can be sure that we will treat you, you belongings, your property and the opportunity to serve you with respect, so you will be glad to chose us for your painting needs, if yo’re tired of people who call themselves professionals but there not, try us out and we assure that you will not be disappointed.


At our company we’re not just looking for work, but we work to bring more friends to our company, we have a different perspective, your project is not just one more coming in, but instead we see it as an opportunity to make another friend who will help us to progress, succeed and ultimately give back the best value possible, we strongly believe in high standards and bring our projects to completion, having our customers trust and make them happy is our main goal.


In our company we serve our customers, giving them exactly what they need, we will not over sale you with stuff that is not necessary, but we can always advise you, you will not find hiding or extra charges at the end of the project, everything will be explained at the beginning and any changes will need your approval before proceeding, because honesty is important to us, we present that to all our clients.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and the confidence you give us to work at your home, that is why we take our part of responsibility very seriously, not just in order to complete the job but to meet or exceed your expectations, we are responsible to give you the best service in all areas involved in the project, since the beginning until completion, we stand behind our work and that’s why we give a very accurate completion time for your project.